Hola! Thanks for stopping by!

I’m Kari. I grew up on a small wheat farm in Eastern Oregon. After graduating from the University of Oregon, with a Bachelor of Arts
degree in Journalism, I moved to the adorable town of Bend, OR,
where my husband Andy and got married in 2009.

After years of living the ‘American Dream’, (more like the American prison) we grew tired of living paycheck to paycheck. We realized we were
wasting the best years of our lives, working in jobs we were not passionate about.Our house was overflowing with flatscreen TV’s and every material thing  we thought we needed to be happy in life, but we were unfulfilled on the inside. The desire to create a life that felt as good on the inside, as it looked on the outside, became our new goal. A life we didn’t need a vacation from.

We made a spur of the moment decision one evening, after too many Oregon beers, and decided to sell our house and possessions, quit our jobs and move to Costa Rica: a country we had never been to, and neither of us could speak the native language of. Jumping on a one-way flight, with our miniature dachshund Sophie stowed beneath our seats,  we dove head- first into our new life.  Some people may call us crazy,  but we have done more living in the last two years than we have our entire lives.

This blog is a collection of our adventures, near-death experiences, best travel photos and memories, and the life lessons we are learning along the route,  as we chase dreams that are hard to catch.

Thanks for joining us on this life-changing journey. Pura Vida!

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